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Between the Years

Voyagers, Friends,

As Practice Catalogue closes its first calendar year of life, I glance back at some highlights:

Dan Beachy-Quick on Humility and Vision

Olivia Mardwig on the Working Models of Picasso and Matisse

Justin Boening on Purity and Plagiarism

Sarah Schweig on Truth

Dai George on the Problem of Syntax

Paul Legault on Radical Translation


We also gathered a heap of brief readings and editorial scribblings. I hope some of this has been generative, useful.

Going forward, PC hopes to cast its net, increase its community. Consider pitching a (very) short essay or sending a relevant excerpt. A micro-essay might mine something from your own writing practice/life or that of someone you’ve studied. Anecdote, exercise, example, advice, reflection are all welcome. It’s a flexible and mercifully brief format.

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And lastly, if you suspect PC would speak to any of your people, do tell them about it.